Writer and Lover of the Dramatic Story

Michelle Flora’s love of storytelling began on a dairy farm where she spent much of her childhood making up characters and wrangling her cousins and sister into performing her theatrical productions on whatever stage she could configure.  Her audience has changed a bit since then, but her love of storytelling has only grown stronger.  In 2007, she traveled to Sydney, Australia where she lived for two years training in theater craft and songwriting.  Learning to more deeply understand character from inside the roles she played; it was there, a world away, that she realized her life goal to make a career out of storytelling.  She formalized her writing education by attending Full Sail University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment.

Michelle is currently working on Permission, a Science Fiction screenplay imagining the toils of a government-controlled futuristic world, and Ben and Janet, a charming romantic comedy about a recently divorced couple who try to carry on their business partnership as wedding planners.  Michelle continues to perform as a songwriter, and she has written and directed various local theatrical productions including the unconventional live storybook entitled He Is, presented with shadow projection.  Her dream is to start her own production company creating films that inspire people to see the world in different ways.  She currently lives with her incredibly supportive husband in a wonderful art-appreciating town in the Midwest.